Gender bias in Electric Cars

I did a survey of 215 electric cars in the San Jose, CA area from May 11 to June 3, 2015, taking note of the gender of each driver.  The survey covered not only traditional commute times but also midday times and weekends.  The results indicated that 64% of the electric car drivers were men.

I wanted to get a feel for whether this could just be measurement bias.  I determined that one, imperfect, way to check for this was to select a popular car model and perform the same type of survey. I logged 389 Prius drivers from May 21 to May 30 and found that 49.9% were driven by men.

This leads me to believe that the gender bias in electric cars is real.  This could be due to many factors such as the technology still being relatively new or range anxiety.

Update: 2016-06-25
To get a feel as to whether the maturing of the electric car market would affect my results I performed a new survey using the same methodology from May 24 to June 3, 2016. In this sample of 277 vehicles I found that 50.9% were driven by men.  I find it interesting that there was such a large shift in such a short time.


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