Consolidating My Data –

My first step towards taking control of my fitness data is to see if someone has already solved this problem. With a little research I came up with a few interesting possible solutions. One of these is

EveryMove wants to “Track every active move you make, from archery to Zumba, using the apps and devices you already know-we support hundreds.” This sounded quite promising and I was excited to try it.

The Good

The signup process was easy and I found that it really does support a lot of devices and it was easy to connect to my Fitbit and Garmin accounts. This was really encouraging. It seems like a neat system for aggregating all your activity data into one place.

The Bad

Unfortunately it did not take long to find that this service was not what I was looking for. The focus for this site is to encourage you to be more active by letting you win badges – a great goal but not what I need. The site has no capabilities to analyze or even property review your past activity data. Nor did it try to pull in any of my old activity data, only reading in 3 days of my Fitbit data. It is not trying to be a repository for your data long term.


While EveryMove does not solve my problem it was encouraging to see that they could read data from so many devices.  This means that it is possible to aggregate all my data in one place, at least technically.

One Last Note

In looking into EveryMove I found that they have a pretty comprehensive site comparing activity trackers which is well worth looking at.


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