The Problem

I think activity tracking devices are great.

I started with a Nike+ and I’ve used a Fitbit Flex, a Microsoft Band, a Garmin Vivosmart and hopefully soon an Apple watch. That is just for step data. Add to that weight data from my Aria scale and biking data from my Garmin 510. Each of these devices comes with it’s own website and phone app but none of them talk to each other. As you move from one to another you lose all your history! Each device/service wants to own my data.

The Problem

I want to own my data. I want all of my activity history in one place where I can track and analyze it. I want to be able to compare this year to 2 years ago but I can’t because this years data in at and my data from 2 years ago is at I want to compare my walking miles to my biking miles but I can’t because they are in different services.

The Solution

My ideal solution would:

  • Be a place where I can keep my data forever. Like Evernote for my fitness data
  • Import data from device I use
  • Import all the past history from any device I have used in the past
  • Allow me to export all my data anytime I want to
  • Let me build a dashboard from all my data

This blog will explore the solutions that exist and try to find the best way to solve this problem.

What would an ideal solution do for you?

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